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Q. What does Umrah mean?

The word “Umrah” means “visit” in everyday conversation, but according to Islamic law, it refers to a particular kind of visit to the Bayt Allah alHaram (the Holy Kaaba), also known as the Sacred House of God.

Q. What different types of Umrah are there?

There are two types of Umrah: al’Umrat almufradah almustaqillah ‘an alHajj, which is conducted apart from the Hajj, and al’Umrat almundammah ila alHajj, which is performed together with the Hajj. The independent ‘Umrah, or al’Umrat almufradah, can be undertaken at any time of the year, according to all five legal schools, however the Imamiyyah and the four Sunni schools consider Rajab and Ramadan to be the best times to do so.

Q. How often do the holy Prophet do Umrah?

The Prophet of Allah (saws) is said to have made a total of 4 Umrah and one Hajj trip.

  • First Umrah: Sixth Hijri, following the Hudaibiya Treaty. Even though the Makkan polytheists forbade him from performing an Umrah at the Kaaba, it still counts as an Umrah. He left the Ehram after shaving his head and sacrificing his Hadi (animals), then he returned to Medina. He agreed to return to Medina and do his Umrah there the next year as per the agreement made with the polytheists.
  • Second Umrah: 7th Hijri, in accordance with the Hudaibiyah Treaty.
  • Third Umrah: After the Battle of Hunain, on the eighth Hijri.
  • Fourth Umrah: 10th Hijri, as well as the Hajj.

Q. What is the purpose of Umrah?

In Islam, Umrah has a significant reward and value. For Muslims who desire to execute it to win Allah’s favor, it is an act of spiritual cleanliness. The only deed that our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH performed twice throughout his lifetime, it is a favored Sunnah.

Q. Who may do Umrah?

Any Muslim who meets the financial and physical requirements for doing Umrah may do so, although it is not required.

Q. Can we do Umrah during different months?

Yes, Umrah can be performed round the year.

Q. What are the Umrah visa requirements?

A fully filled-out and authentic Umrah visa application. You must carefully read and sign the declaration that is given at the conclusion of the application form. Send a sizable, self-addressed envelope to the Saudi Consulate that is closest to you if you want to get a visa application form by mail.

Q. Can an Israeli citizen perform Umrah?

No, even a single trip to Israel may result in the denial of a visa.

Q. Can I book flights for someone else if I am not traveling?

You can definitely reserve flights for other people. The process is the same throughout. However In this case, we will need to confirm, and you will be contacted personally for that. There won’t be a reservation unless you confirm.

Q. How early before traveling should I book my tickets?

Reservations may be made up to 11 months in advance.

Q. Is it necessary to make corrections if my name has been misspelled on the ticket?

Yes, it is crucial to have a name corrected if it is misspelt since people with varying information on their tickets and passports often cannot fly. It is advisable to have all papers well-organized to prevent any issues at the airport.

Q. Do you accept last minute reservations?

Yes, we do accept last minute reservations but remember they cost a little high than the usual ones. Hence it is always good to make reservations well in advance to avoid any last minute hassle.

Q. How and when will I receive my tickets?

We will send your tickets to your registered email ID or you can also opt to get it through courier. Tickets can be collected up to 7 days after they are issued, but if they are urgent, the time is reduced to only 24 hours.

Q. What exactly is a luggage limit?

Generally you get this information on your air tickets as only the airlines decide the bag allowance.

Q. What distinguishes a direct flight from an indirect trip or a non-stop flight?

A direct flight is one that makes refueling stops at several airports but does not let passengers disembark. However, an indirect flight is one that allows passengers to disembark, travel through a city, and then return within the allotted time. On the other hand, a non-stop aircraft makes no stops along the way and travels directly to its destination.


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